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PTA Meeting Notes - April 2023

6/5/2023 12:12 pm

Justice Page PTA

April General Meeting 4/10

10 April 2023 / 6:30 PM / ROOM 101 JPMS


Member attendees: Kris Jagers, Eddie Hofmeister, Heather Grovum, Elizabeth Christiansen, Leah Sweet, Leah Kuypers, 

Parent attendees: Chris Loughtenschlager, Kate Guin, Jessica Hoyta 


6:30 Welcome, Introductions

6:40 Approval of March Minutes


  • Treasurer’s Report, link provided online - Bill not present, report to be presented later this week. $19,000 used for expenses, $44,000 balance

Committee Reports

Volunteer Appreciation Party - The Heather’s April 28th -to be named Volunteer Parent Party or Rhino Pride.


Book Fair - $2,000 in sales, 400 store credit with 31 more books to buy plus 200 PTA Funds


Dining for Dollars - Nancy Beck, Wise - Acre meat and produce orders available, 15% of sales go to PTA option. Will report back in May. 


Yearbook - 337 books, 146 donated ($5,796 plus $2,850 in sponsors) almost flush financially. 


Battle of the Bands Andy Nelson, TBD


90s Night - Heather Grovum, TBD


Social Emotional Learning Grant - $2500 grant from National PTA. This was intended to be utilized for teacher training Developmental Design (Community building, coregulation, and restorative justice, teachers to attend 4 day training) Facilitator did not give a clear answer about implementation of the program. MPS is making this available to teachers for free training, but it is not clear which teachers would be trained or when. The cost is $900 per teacher. PTA is willing to utilize funds to get more teachers trained if there is interest. 

  • Recommendation is having a meeting with Principal Tenner and asking her to promote teacher recruitment and building buy-in for training. 

Wellness - Speaker Cathy Flaminio, Move Mindfully, trauma informed yoga for teachers and parents (possible for teacher appreciation week activity). Will schedule prior to the end of school year.


Playground Equipment - Unfortunately, the creation of a Gaga Pit is not possible due to School and District challenges in 2022-2023.  


Jessica Hoida - Ideas for sharing funding with MPS schools more broadly that do not have the fundraising capacity that we may have at JPS. Factors that impact kids in the district include families that may not have a sense of belonging within their communities. There are people who are left behind in the disparities that exist within the district. 


How can we assist another school feel more included? 

-An example would be Rochester who created one central PTA for all of the schools in the district. 

-Potential to donate to ACHIEVE 

-There is a PTA history that is less than favorable.

-Creating a committee to explore solutions, education surrounding mutual aid, and creating a series of grant funding opportunities. 

-Jessica Hoida has volunteered to chair this committee. (Name TBD)

Adjourn - 8:03pm