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6/5/2023 11:56 am


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Project Success at JPMS

9/8/2023 10:23 am

Did you know that ALL 6-12th grade Minneapolis Public School district students and their families, are part of Project Success?  Including Justice Page Middle School students and families.

If you attend a Minneapolis Public Schools middle school or contract alternative, you are a PS student and part of our programs. Year after year we’ll guide you through unique, valuable experiences. We’ll help you uncover what matters to you through our in-class workshops, arts, expeditions, and certificate programs during your time with PS.
In-Class Workshops: Learn about the in-class workshops students receive in their English/Language Arts Classroom.

Outdoor Adventures: Students can register for outdoor adventure and experiential learning programming during the year, including summer trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Apostle Islands.

Theater Experiences: Students and family members can request free tickets to attend live theater on evenings and weekends – transportation and childcare provided.  Request 4 free tickets now

Global Experiences: Global experiences to explore international cities and communities both virtually and in-person vary each school year, check out this page for information on virtual opportunities.
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Fall Book Event at Irreverent Bookworm

8/8/2023 10:49 am

Find your next great read and supply books for English classrooms at the Irreverent Bookworm Fall Book Event! This treasure of a local bookstore sells new and used adult, young adult, and youth books.


LIVE, IN-STORE EVENT,  Friday Dec 1, 5pm - 7pm: Shop in person at a special event with other book loving families. Grab a treat, enter a raffle, and find your next great read.

ONLINE SALES, Dec 1st thru Dec 4th: Visit the online store to make purchases. Items will be available for pick up at the store prior to the holidays or may qualify for free shipping.

  • Buy Books for Classrooms: Surround students with more books by purchasing books off the ELA teachers’ wish lists. Books will be delivered directly to classrooms to supplement learning and expand the range of author voices available.
  • Shop online for yourselves, friends and family! Invite others to shop and support JPMS!

Irreverent Bookworm is donating 15% of proceeds during the in-person and online events to the PTA.


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Murals and Art at JPMS

7/9/2023 2:27 pm

Art at Justice Page Middle School is alive and well!
Did you know the murals on the building were done in 2019 by teacher, Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl and her students?  On her website, she also shows many of the inside murals done by her classes over the years.
From Elissa Cederleaf Dahl's website, "I teach a Mural Arts and Identity class at Justice Page School in Minneapolis, MN. Each school year, students work on collaborative murals to beautify our school and develop our identity- both individual and collective."  And art teacher Steven Schmitz says, "Before coming to JPS I taught a computer base art class at Marcy Open School called Graphic Arts. I have a M.Ed in Art Education, as well as a my B.A. (Visual Arts, Political Science) from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. In addition, I am a graduate of Washburn High School."
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What's Good: Rhino Bucks and Store

6/6/2023 8:39 am

What do fidget spinners, Taki’s, Doritos, Capri Suns, stress balls, plush animals, hair brushes, and Croc shoe charms have to do with student success?  Everything!


For the past few years, students have been receiving Rhino Bucks, which are distributed by their teachers as a reward for their hard work and good behavior. Teachers have the ability to recognize positive actions and reward them in a tangible way. Rhino Bucks are a crucial component of the school's dedication to enhancing social-emotional learning and promoting positive reinforcement.

Students have earned Rhino Bucks by:

  • Hard work
  • Good deeds
  • Manners

At our school, students can exclusively utilize their Rhino Bucks at the Rhino Store. Money is not an acceptable form of payment, ensuring a level playing field for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The Rhino Store, conveniently located beside the cafeteria, offers an array of snacks and enjoyable items that are popular among junior high students. We always encourage students to suggest new additions to the store, and we make sure to implement them whenever feasible.

The PTA takes pride in supporting these initiatives by offering supplies and volunteer assistance through the Rhino Store, open every Friday during lunchtime.

Get involved by purchasing items for the store off our Amazon List!  They will get sent directly to the school!


Volunteers Needed: Sign up

  • Weekly, 3 volunteers each lunch period manage the store, lines, and the fun job of helping students use their earned Rhino Bucks to select merchandise.

One-time and ongoing volunteers are always welcome! Sign up



*"What's Good" is a series about the great things happening at JPMS.  Have an idea of something we should highlight or want to write an article, let us know.

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What's Good: Battle of the Bands

6/6/2023 8:39 am

Started back in 2014, Battle of the Bands returned to JPMS in 2023, after a few year hiatus.

Battle of the Bands is a fun time where talented student and staff bands from Justice Page Middle School and Washburn High School in Minneapolis come together to rock out and face off for bragging rights and an amazing traveling guitar trophy!

Any and all proceeds from the event are split evenly and go to support arts in both schools.

The PTA takes pride in supporting these amazing budding musicians at this annual event by reserving the venue, providing volunteer support, gathering donations for prizes, marketing the event and much more. 

Volunteers Needed:

  • One time, we need a team of volunteers on the actual day of the event to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. Enjoy the music while ensuring the event functions well.
  • Ongoing, 1-2 volunteers are needed to plan the event with the music departments of both schools.

One-time and ongoing volunteers are always welcome!  Sign up

*"What's Good" is a series about the great things happening at JPMS.  Have an idea of something we should highlight or want to write an article, let us know.

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PTA Meeting Notes - April 2023

6/5/2023 12:12 pm

Click "read more" below to view all of the notes.  You are welcome to join us at our next PTA meeting, listed on the calendar, or contact us with any comments or concerns.

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